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Films for construction industry

• stretch hood
• heat shrink wrap tubing
• film for styrofoam
• floor films
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Stretch hood

We were the first to develop, 18 years ago, in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia, this revolutionary packaging method, and we have managed to keep to this day the leading position.
It is about the STRETCH HOOD film for tightly sealed packaging of pallets, to prevent your product from getting in touch with any impact from the external environment, strongly preserving any goods under the film placed on a pallet.
The technology of packaging, using the STRETCH HOOD film, means an improved quality of packaging. Pallets packed in the STRECH HOOD film are absolutely waterproof.

While standard and stretch films allow for only horizontal tightening of a pallet, the STRETCH HOOD film ensures tightening in vertical and horizontal directions, which means that goods are also pressed downw, towards the pallet. As compared to standard and heat shrink films, the STRETCH HOOD film keeps together the goods on the pallet much more firmly and strongly. This technology does not require any heat chambers or any type of warming, thus contributing to a considerable energy saving.

STRETCH HOOD film does not stick to the goods placed on the pallet. The use of a heat shrink film may cause damage to materials, such as metalized plastic due to its adherence to the goods during the heat process.
STRETCH HOOD film gives you a chance to be very fast. With one packing machine you may easily pack more than 300 pallets per hour.
The optical properties of the STRETCH HOOD film are much better, as compared to other pallet packaging films. It is extremely transparent and highly glossy.
To ensure the maximum economic efficiency in pallet packaging, you have to use the STRETCH HOOD film of the supreme quality. You may have the best packaging system, however, if you do not have an adequate film to work with, the system is likely to experience downtimes and unnecessary repacking of goods.

Bel Plast STRETCH HOOD film is compatible with all lines for pallet packaging using STRETCH HOOD films.

Heat shrink wrap tubing

The heat shrink wrap tubing (sleeves) is also one of the modern methods for packaging of goods stacked on pallets, ensuring the maximum protection thereof. Packaging using the heat shrink wrap tubing requires a heat tunnel, blowtorch, or you can simply place the sleeve over the pallet. The product packed in this way will remain protected from any external impacts. The heat shrink wrap tubing can be made in any size.

Styrofoam film

Styrofoam film is one of the most demanded films, as far as foils for civil engineering are concerned. For long years we have been offering to our customers the top quality 20-micron films for Styrofoam packaging in all printing colours.
The latest five-layer production line Alpine Hosokawa manufactures for our customers the film of best performances as far as friction, elongation and rupture are concerned.
All films can be with custom-made print, using the top quality inks made by Sun Chemicals and Flint Group.

Floor films

We make floor films in all sizes and colours, custom-made.


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