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If you want us to become a part of your product, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to make the best product for you, because we are the best from Serbia….


We produce films in rolls of top quality. Composition, dimensions and mechanical characteristics can be adapted to all customer requirements.


Films for food packaging belong to the primary packaging group that must fulfill all strict microbiological and chemical standards of the modern market.


Stretch hood, heat shrink wrap tubing, film for styrofoam, floor films and other films.


This type of film involves tightly sealed packaging of pallets, thus eliminating any possible impact from the external environment on the product.


Constant keeping up with modern global achievements in the field of flexible packaging, permanent training of our staff and acquiring new knowledge and skills have enabled us to create a recognizable identity, which reflects the highest level of business operations.
The Bel Plast team is very much so aware that the packaging is extremely important, not only for successful sale of products, but very oftern as a prerequisite for the quality of goods.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging The Bel Plast flexible packaging can be made of five-layer and three-layer films. It is intended to preserve products from any kind of damage, to maintain the usable value of products, as well as to communicate with the existing and prospective consumers. When manufacturing our packaging, we are governed by the highest quality standard, taking care of preservation of the environment and local community.

Support to industry

Our range of products includes the packaging for:

  • construction industry

  • food industry
  • beverage industry
confectionary industry
    as well as high-quality laminated packaging the technical properties of which allow for a wide application in the world of modern packaging.

30 years with you

We have overcome many challenges and we are successfully going forward. The long family tradition and achievement of the goals set long time ago are guiding us toward current and future successes.

Product portfolio


  • printed
  • unprinted

Films for construction industry

  • stretch hood
  • heat shrink wrap tubing
  • film for styrofoam
  • floor films
  • other films

Films for food industry

  • films for beverage industry

  • films for dairy industry
  • films for animal feed industry

  • laminated packaging
  • laminating film
  • frozen products packaging
  • other packaging

Films for beverage industry

  • heat shrink films (with and without print)
  • wrap-around label (with and without print)

Milk industry

  • printed and unplinted films for milk packaging

Film tailor-make

  • all types of bags, with and without print


All products can be full colour printed, as offered by the eight-colour line of the Italian manufacturer UTECO. For the printing process, we use inks made by SUN CHEMICAL and FLINT GROUP.
All printed products can be custom-made laminated and cut.



Can all films be printed?
Dear Sir or Madam, all our films can be full colour printed at your option.
Do you manufacture pasted or laminated packaging?

Dear Sir or Madam, yes. We are manufacturing full colour laminated packaging, using the combination of various materials.
Do you manufacture 38 microns heat shrink film?

Dear Sir or Madam, we are manufacturing heat shrink film, starting from 28 microns.
Are your films bacteriologically tested?
Yes, all our films are bacteriologically tested.
Do you make prints on stretch hood films?
Dear Sir or Madam, we can make prints on our stretch hood film in all colours.
Does your stretch hood film ensures full protection of goods on a pallet and prevent them from dampening and wetting?

Dear Sir or Madam, our stretch hood film ensures full protection of the wrapped product.
What is the timeline for manufacturing your products?

Dear Sir or Madam, the time for manufacturing is between 5 and 7 business days, unless the requested items, due to a current production plan, can be manufactured earlier.


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