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Flexible Packaging Factory Bel Plast

About us

The production story of the Flexible Packaging Factory Bel Plast has begun way back in 1990, owing to the initiative of its owner and founder Milorad Špijunović.

At the very beginning of this entrepreneurial venture, a small firm located in the family home was engaged only in tailor-make of packaging. Only six years later, the owner constructed the industrial building of the floor area of 500 square meters and began to deal with film extrusion. A couple of years later, the production plant has expanded to 6,000 square meters, and the technology and capacity of the installed equipment have been keeping up with current industrial trends.

Now, as then, the vision of Belplast has been oriented towards modernisation and improvement of the production processes in all of its production phases, tending to satisfy the needs of the modern market.

Satisfaction of more than 500 active clients encourages us for times and challenges to come.


The maximum width of the five-layer film is 2500 mm, minimum thickness 0.20 microns, maximum thickness 200 microns.

The annual production is more than 7,000 tones of various films.

The maximum width of the three-layer film is 1800 mm, minimum thickness 0.20 microns, maximum thickness 200 microns.



Uteco 8-colour flexo machine of the latest generation, of the maximum width 1350 mm.

The film laminating machine of the maximum width of 1350 mm pastes various types of LDPE, CPP, OPP materials.

The longitudinal cutting machine cuts up to 1000 meters of film per minute, of the maximum width of 1470 mm.

In addition to the machines mentioned above, Bel Plast has additional equipment to perform other necessary activities within the technological process of manufacturing the highest quality films. From the state-of-art equipment for assembling photopolymer plates, equipment for mixing and dye preparation, through the equipment for washing Anilox rollers and clichés, to the laboratory for control of the quality of input material and final products.


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