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Constant keeping up with the modern world accomplishments in the field of flexible packaging, permanent training of personnel and acquiring of new skills helped company "Bel-plast" in building recognizable identity which points out to the highest level of business managing. 

Intending to save 17-year-long tradition in production of quality flexible packaging, "Bel-plast" strives to fulfill severe international standards, taking into account numerous and various demands which modern packaging should fulfill. 

Aware that on contemporary market good product doesn't mean anything without even better packing, "Bel-plast" flexible packaging is, mostly, in the function of protection of, i.e. storing of goods from different kinds of damage, keeping usability of goods and communication with the exsisting and potential customers. 

Starting from the tested truth that package is extremely important not only for successful sale, but also as a prerequisite of goods quality, "Bel-plast" produces flexible packaging which enables you to deliver your goods to their final consumer with the first-class quality. 

In our range of products we have flexible packaging for retails, food and chemical industry, as well as for civil engineering. It is of high quality, accompanied with technical characteristics which enable its wide scope of use.


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