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Stretch hood

In the last ten years a new packing system for palettes, as result of cooperation between producers of packing machines and producers of polyolephine. The result is revolutionary way of hermetic packing of palettes strongly, cheaply and quickly. 

Technology of packing in STRETCH HOOD foil represents better quality of packaging. Palettes packed in STRETCH HOOD foil are absolutely waterproof: foil encircles the palette entirely. This is very important when non-standard forms and sizes of palettes are in question. 

With standard and stretch foil only horizontal tightening can be achieved, but with STRETCH HOOD foil you have both horizontal and vertical tightening, which means that goods are pressed down towards the palette. In comparison to standard and thermo shrink foil, STRETCH HOOD foil keeps the goods on the palette much more firmly and strongly. This technology doesn't require heath chambers, nor any kind of warming, which contributes to the considerable energy saving. This also means more safety in the working process, as well as reduction of expenses of fire prevention. 

STRETCH HOOD foil isn't attached to the goods put in palette. Use of thermo shrink foil can lead to damage of materials, such as metalized plastic due to its adherence to the goods during thermo process, but such risk doesn't exist with STRETCH HOOD. 

STRETCH HOOD foil gives you a chance to be very fast. With one packing machine you can easily pack more than 150 palettes per hour. 

With the same foil size you can pack different palette sizes. With two stretch hood foil sizes you can pack almost all palette sizes, from euro palette 60*80cm, to euro palette 120*160cm. 

Optical characteristics of stretch hood foil are much better. It has exquisite transparency and shine. Consumption is lower with STRETCH HOOD than with thermo shrink foil. Thinner foil means more economical packing. Along with the saving up of material and energy for manipulation with STRETCH HOOD, it is also more nature-friendly than competitive materials. 

Improvement of stretch hood technology led to simplifying of the packing process, and therefore to a considerable reduction of expenses for maintenance of packing machines, as compared to all other systems.. 

In order to attain maximal profitability in palette packing, you must use STRETCH HOOD foil of the highest quality. You may have the best packing system, but if you don't have adequate foil, the system will have to endure slowdowns and unnecessary re-packing of the goods. 

Bel Plast STRETCH HOOD foil is compatible with all palette packing lines.

Process of packing

After putting goods on the palette, transport to the packing machine can be automatic, by assembly line or by forklift. 

When the palette is placed onto the moving stand, electronic sensor measures the height of goods (more modern packing machines measure all other dimensions as well). According to information regarding total height, the mechanism unwraps the needed quantity of foil from the roll, seals it on the top, cuts and slips it on the four pincers. 

Foil stretches (STRETCH HOOD foil is stretchable even over 100%) and slips over the palette, all the way to it. Pincers release the foil which shrinks automatically and takes the form of the palette, strongly pressing down the goods on it. 

It is important to mention that, the smaller original size of STRETCH HOOD foil, the stronger pressure on the palette. This is important because of the adequate choice regarding the goods that are being packed. 

Thanks to STRETCH HOOD foil and its characteristics, palette with goods is completely sealed and ready for transport.

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