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Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

LDPE is used for strong, flexible consumer goods, such as screwcaps and lids. The most popular applications nowadays are the films, of which carrier bags, packing material and coverfilm for agriculture film are made.

High Densitiy Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is used in a large scale of applications : bottles, clothes-pins, the handle of a dish-mop, but also for extremely thin films that have a brittle feel.

Low Density Polyethylene Reinforced (LDPE+)
This material combines the advantages of both LDPE and HDPE in one single product : transparency, stiffnes, strength, shrinkage, sealability, freezability,...

With this material you can save up to 40% in comparison with a traditional LDPE. Moreover you win three times : the cost of your packaging is lower, the productivity of your packaging machine increases (higher sealing speed and less roll changes) and the used weight of packaging material will be much lower which allows you to save again on packaging taxes

Extrusion of blown film

By melting granulates of polyethylene and pressing them together with compressed air through a circle matrix, the material rises like a tube of film. After cooling, rollers squeeze the film in a dubble layer, after which it is rolled up and ready for further processing.





Coextruded film

Multi layer film combines best characteristics of different materials. Based on the same principle as blown extrusion, but with multiple extruders with coaxial positioned matrix, wich smultaneously form coaxial multi tubes. Rising to top of the tower, film layers are being sticked together. Coextrusion gives us very thin but very strong materials with great optical characteristics. Lower thichness means also lower weight, wich leads to lower costs.





To add extra properties to the film, we can add additives to the material while extruding. The mostly used properties are: colouring of films, removing static electricity, making stronger or slithery, and many other properties.


Polyethylene is a very friendly materials for the environment. It is an economical material: for the world production, only 1% of the total production of natural oil and natural gas is used.
The production is clean and efficient: the expulsion of dangerous substances is minimal.
It is extremely suitable for re-use : it can be melted and re-used indefinitely. When it can not be re-used, it is an eminent fuel for energy provision.

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