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Milk packaging

Co-extrusion printed foil for milk consists of three levels: exterior surface, core and sealed surface. It is characterized by significant advantages in comparison to mono foil, such as: extension of expiery date, the product itself doesn't drizzle, reduction of thickness, and therefore of quantity, considerable saving for the customer, better aesthetic characteristics, etc.

Thickness of Bel Plast foil is 50-60 µ, which in comparison to mono foil's thickness of 76 µ presents a considerable savin up. Furthermore, bigger mechanical strength is a characteristic of Bel Plast co-extrusion foil for milk.

Interior layer of this foil is transparent and along with the sealing function has a task to eliminate certain harmful influence of masterbatches and colours which previous layers contain. Product packed in this foil gives an additional safety to the consumers that they will get fresh milk, as it was at the moment of packing, not allowing its chemical and biological contamination, breach of the sunlight, etc.


outer surface - white layer which has decorative purpose and serves as a printing base

core - gray layer, mechanical and light barrier, disables perforation of the package
sealing surface - transparent surface whose basic function is reliable sealing of the bag

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